About Us

NAYAK Corporation is a leading Data Solution Provider. Our mission is to steer the businesses with big-data related products and services by helping companies focus on the maintenance of their growth path and preventing them from reviewing irrelevant data, by providing solutions in Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW).

Nayak Corporation can contribute towards enhancement of business processes through Business Intelligence (BI) products, solutions, consulting, and managed services. Our consultants & personnel understand the complexity of data science and ensure the delivery of an optimized, performance-based, Business Intelligence solution. The wise choice of employing us, the Leaders, as your BIG DATA consultants is going to be a knowledge-driven empowering experience paving the way towards unprecedented growth opportunities for your business.

Being in sync with your business we act as a team member and deliver solutions that lay the foundation for a long-term, comprehensive, and competitive advantage. Our association would imply adoption of best industry practices, successful processes, tools, and platform suitable for your unique business requirement. For more details regarding our services please contact us!

Trustworthy, bold and responsible are the words safely be attributable to NAYAK Corporation. Impeccable customer service is our forte. Confidentiality of data is assured.Premium quality adhering to clients guidelines and internal benchmarks aimed at self-improvisation is maintained. The communication of discoveries to clients may occasionally raise disagreement, yet we convey it logically and practically to win their admiration as our intent is to dissuade their embarrassment. Self-evaluation of movements to doubly ensure that client’s current and future business standing is safeguarded.

Our collective experience in Business, Technology, and Leadership help us provide the highest quality, impact driven analytics solutions. Using accurate data models to support our decision process which aid some of the world’s leading companies.

Trustworthy, bold and responsible
are the words safely be attributable to
NAYAK Corporation.