What is Digital Mapping ?

The whole process of mapping using information technology tools and digital electronics is called digital mapping. This process collects data to compile and format it into virtual images. The primary function of digital mapping is to generate maps with 100% accuracy on representations of a particular area, detailing the points of interests of clients. Digital mapping is used in numbers of computer applications, for example: Google Earth, other maps with Global Positioning System, Satelite Networks with GPS and also in Automotive Navigation Systems.

What are The Benefits of Digital Mapping?

Digital Mapping is far superior to traditional paper mapping methods. While paper maps provide basic landscapes which lack many specific details; digital mapping provides categorized, subject oriented, time-variant and non-volatile data with live updates.
Few outstanding benefits of Digital Mapping:

  • Increases overall productivity of mappers.
  • Best accuracy in positioning location.
  • Paperless map production.
  • Assisted standardization.
  • Easy integration of client’s point of interest.
  • Improved interpretation and 3D visualization.

Nayak Corporation has experienced data scientists to offer top quality digital mapping services. Our digital mapping professionals have strong domain expertise in Utility mapping, Remote Sensing, AM/FM, Geographic Information System and Digital Orthophotography, which guarantee for accurate data modeling for clients.

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