Insights – We are Data Scientists

Dealing with digital data; structured and unstructured is what we do the best. Way beyond the traditional data scientists approach, our work extends beyond accessing, cleansing and analyzing data and thereby creating meaningful reports. It incorporates the following:

  • Understand the question/problem that the data consumer (business entity) has
  • Define the best possible dataset that can address the problem
  • Explore the origin of data: internal – external, structure – unstructured, digital – analog
  • Obtain data (using various methods, software tools, analog to digital conversion, raster to vector, etc.)
  • Clean the data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Statistical & data science prediction
  • Interpret data results & reports
  • Challenge results and reports
  • Create reproducible data analysis and reporting codes
  • Schedule reports and distribute results & analytics to decision makers

Trustworthy, bold and responsible
are the words safely be attributable to
NAYAK Corporation.